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How are you going mama?

Has it been a while since someone asked you how you are? Ages since you’ve felt like you were in a place safe enough to be real and let it all out? This is why we are here. We are mothers too, we get it, and we are here to support you.

We want to normalise reaching out and just chatting to someone when things get tough or when you need someone who isn’t too close to home. We aim to hold space for mothers (and those who care for them) to feel supported, share their experiences and be reassured that the ‘perfect mother’ is a total myth. 

On top of being mothers and understanding the ups and downs of everyday life and milestones we are all qualified Counsellors.  All sessions are centered around you to help each and every one of you thrive in your new normal (and we know that ‘normal’ changes way to often as mothers).

You Are Our Why

Your counsellors…

  • Are all mothers themselves, with a wealth of lived experiences to and through motherhood.
  • Registered with the Australian Counselling Association
  • Hold a minimum of a Diploma of Counselling, most with higher levels of education in relevant fields
  • Maintain all ongoing professional education and development, including regular supervision
  • Hold all relevant insurances and licenses to practice safely as counsellors in Australia
  • Can help in many areas many mothers experience including (but not limited to):
    • Daily pressures that come with motherhood
    • Managing exhaustion and overwhelm
    • Body image struggles
    • Loss of identity and helping to find ‘you’ again
    • Motherhood not being what you thought it would be
    • Career changes or returning to work
    • Daycare/school transitions
    • Decision fatigue
    • Mum guilt
    • Changes in your relationship with partner and family
    • Difficulties managing children’s behaviours (and our reactions to these)
    • Fertility journeys
    • Grief and loss
    • Miscarriage
    • Traumatic births and/or your birth not being how you wanted it to be
    • Gender disappointment
    • Mental health surrounding breastfeeding (or not choosing/being able to)

We are here to support your journey


Initial Session

Duration: 80 Minutes


Your first step in getting mama support – an initial 80min session with the counsellor of your choice.

Follow Up Session

Duration: 60 Minutes


Your continued care through follow up sessions – 60min sessions with your counsellor.

Couples Session

Duration: 80 Minutes


Supporting you as a couple – 80min session with a counsellor who specialises in relationships counselling.

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